What do you see # 91 – A Roundup

Come enjoy the roundup for – What do you see

Keep it alive


A few carelessly spoken words can wreak havoc in another’s life

Malicious gossip can taint reputations for life

Don’t pour tar on pristine surfaces

Don’t malign innocent lives without reason

Be careful of words you utter because

Once spoken they can never be recalled


Many thanks to all my blogging friends who responded to this week’s challenge. Please click on the links to read their contributions.

Chris Hall; Dripping poison

Mason; The sculptor

Lauren; What do you see # 91

Reena; Erasure

Tina; Drowning

Ivor; In the comments

Di; A slight imperfection

Jim; Getting dumped on

Jules; Not: Tout suite

Fandango; The bust

Punam; Vitriol

Pam; What do you see # 91

Michnavs; Tainted

Susi; Stuck

Usha; Marauding grasp

Radhika; A promise to myself

Suzette; Dreams

Goutam; Grief

Kittysverses; Solitary well

Shweta; Dark and light

Kritika; Creativity

Anisha; Surreal visage

Jeff; Haiku # 32

Thank you dear…

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