Rory Asks; Do you remember?

Keep it alive

Another interesting series of questions from Rory;

Do you remember your early days?

Like for instance, when you first got an internet connection? Dial up as opposed to broadband?

When was your first time with a blog, or a forum or even a game online?

Do you remember YOUR first times?

What mistakes did you make the first time ever that you … you can fill in the rest yourself. But this is about your early days as a writer online, or a gamer online – when was your first ever blog or forum?

What mistakes did you make back in the early days?

Do you remember YOUR first times?


When I read these questions, I couldn’t recall the when and how’s!

I think these dates are more or less accurate by my reckoning!

We got our first dial-up connection some 25 years ago. It was a strange…

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