another collaboration of three elusive poets, now four…@michnavs, @chanticleer9, @beruang_kuat, @karenskie13..

they are your neighbors, friends, classmates, or officemates. they are somebody’s greatest love.
four poets. one poem. one mission – to take you to the magical world of poetry


i’ll never get over you,
i’ll never get enough of you
i’ll love you even if it pains, for every drop of the rain
is every bit of my pain i remember, i remember you

it drizzled when i first saw you
no umbrella nor coat to cover you
the rain accentuated your beauty
my eyes sparkled as I look at you intensely

it rained gently when i first kissed you
your lips mesmerized mine, that’s true
our kiss fascinated every inch of me
wished that with every rainfall, you’d kiss me

i longed for you when the rain falls
we used to play with each droplet
i longed…

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