Your Pen is My Desire

Secret Thoughts Within

Original image found here (and it’s simply perfect)

I covert nothing more fervently
than tofeelyour ink chamber
in my hand
move it back and forth
enjoy the precision of each stroke
over my awaiting pages

I want to memorise
your unique barrel shape
the exact placement
for that perfect thrust of ink

I want to learn new techniques
watching your skilled tip at work
I relish the touch of that nib
pressing down on my parchment

Spread your ink everywhere
spill it over me
on my hand
in my hair
a drip on my lips

Leave stains on my page
and when I’m alone
I’ll look over them
trace them with my fingertips

Your pen is
completely captivating me
I want nothing more
than to hold your pen

I will confess, I had far too much fun creating this cheeky piece. 🦊 Thank you for joining…

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