The tarot cards…


The tarot cards…

I went to an old dark carnival on a hidden road outside of Sarajevo.
I have been having a dream about a Gypsy woman. The dreams had brought me to the carnival tonight.

I didn’t believe in heaven or hell. Old Army had contorted my mind and I lapse into a barbarian state. I was isolated and alone with being surrounded by a company of Soldiers.

I aspire a passage to peace and calm in the mist of hate and war. It was an Indian Summer. A warm evening I wandered into the dark carnival. Beautiful young women with dark eyes and flowing black hair seduced me with their smiles. The shapely young woman did not tempt me yet.

I was trying to find a remnant of my soul. The creed of the Army was eating away at my spirit. Kill or be killed.

I hear musical…

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Paris, London, Basel or Barcelona…


Paris, London, Basel or  Barcelona….

We were wanderlust, whiskey kisses and sleeping till noon.

We loved clotheless mornings and afternoon meals.

We loved loud music and we loved the sea.

I would tell you when I watched you undress,

you leave me breathless.

You would dance for the afternoon sun bare-ass and with a smile.

We love the hotels near the sea or the rivers.

Naked we were in our words,

naked we were in our emotions.

We loved Paris, London, Basel and Barcelona.

When you came to me, straddle me and you sang to me.

“Please stay with me by the sea,

please let’s sing and dance to the rising moon.

Let’s become Gypsies and sleep near the sea, near a flowing river.

I want open sea, I want a river flowing to the powerful sea.

I want us to taste free days, taste Scottish whiskey and never be…

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