The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – July 21

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

Once in a great while, my heart lets my body know it is time to defy the commands issued by my brain. You can bet Commandant Head Honcho takes exception to being countermanded by those in residence down below. Thankfully, Colonel Pre-Frontal Cortex has experienced similar situations in the past and intervenes. The Colonel questions Lieutenants Gut-Check and Intuition, and based on their responses, tells everyone to stand down.

After a fair bit of grumbling, the Colonel declares it is time for a little R and R, and the troops rejoice. Knowing when to rally the troops and push forward, and when a wiser decision is granting a reprieve, is more art than science. My feet took liberty and found an elevated position with a view. Colonel Pre-Frontal Cortex pointedly ignored my aching feet when they accidentally knocked a stack of papers off my desk. Even Commandant Head Honcho declined…

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