Dreams, wishes and whispers…


(Monterey 1992, my singing friends.)

Dreams, wishes and whispers.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Beautiful faces appear making you wish for different decisions and better endings."    


Dreams, wishes and whispers….

Old age make us ponder thoughts and decisions.
We travel back in time and
we wonder if we were kinder and more gentle.
Would true love not faded and became nightmares and sweet dreams?

Some faces haunt my dreams.
Open doors closed by life and poor decisions.
I whispered sweet names in secret dreams and hidden places.
Remembering sweet long warm kisses, laughter and being fearless in the emotion
of love.

I remember beautiful brown eyed and two people dancing on dangerous ground.
Going places where there was no safety wire or possibility of a happy ending.

I wished often in my life to be able to hold a memories and travel back in time.
To change the…

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