Time To Share Our Struggles

Be Inspired..!!

THEY say a problem shared is a problem halved. Some take that saying further by claiming a problem shared is one solved.

The essence of this age-old advice is that talking through a struggle or challenge of any kind will buffer an individual from experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety and act as a preventative strike against mental ill-health.

With a pandemic wreaking havoc on the lives of many in the past twelve months there’s been no shortage of difficult situations, worries, complications and stumbling blocks to talk through.

Yet despite increased awareness of the benefits of sharing our troubles, many of us continue to internalise their challenges and bottle things up.

As we try to take steps to bolster our emotional wellbeing in the workplace, in our homes and in the broader community, our abject failure to give a voice to our feelings has health and wellbeing professionals…

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