The summer of me (revisited) II


9 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Summer 21’ series

When the morning air welcomes From a night time that’s done And the wind has died down Giving warmth to the sun And the sea’s a flat calm Now the new day’s begun The summer of me lives again When the air is as crystal And there’s barely a sound With the dawn’s heavy dew Still fresh on the ground And the day lies there’s quietly As it wants to be found The summer of me lives again When the hills of fair Sussex Are yellow and green Painted there in bright colours At the best I have seen And the blue of the sky Is a deepening sheen The summer of me lives again When the ocean I love Mirrors skies overhead And the waves whisper back Every word that I’ve said And the shingle reminds me Of the life…

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His old lover


He wrote every day something for the one he thought would stay,

she was sleeping next to him, on the day of summer.

He took the blanket and asked her to wrap it around herself,

or else the winter breeze would make her sick.

She smirked at his affection of 60years,

“where would I go without your comfort?”, she questioned.

He let his hands in her lap and said,

I wouldn’t let you go even when almighty will crave your existence.

Written something for me today? “she queried”,

I asked the moon to jot down something for you,

by sewing his stars making it a carpet in which you can walk.

Let’s sleep before the sun come and shine,

I want you to be in my arms before the daylight,

uttering these words he slept next to her,

It was 3:00 A.M, she was slumbering beside her lover.

He noticed…

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Confab With Me

I love the word Eolian, which means originating from wind. Wind is fascinating, for it travels and along with it fragrances of loved ones. I sincerely believe the eolian that touched you a while back has brushed me today. And I am smiling since then.

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There’s Nothing There

I Write Her


I’m reaching out, engaging and scrutinizing;

skimming through to see you.

Holding you intently, purposefully and committed.

You seemed an open book.

The audio version of your story mesmerizing, your truth so bold.

Then I went beyond your notes and found blank pages.

They told a different story.

You ring hollow.

There’s nothing there.

I have to put this book down.

The efforts made to unravel the mystery, and

the chances taken diving right in brought me no pleasure.

I learned nothing.

Maybe another blank page can read you properly.

I won’t waste my time on an empty binding.

Not again.

When I’m ready to read again, I’m sure

I’ll find a better book to discover.

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Kind Spring and Summer days…


 Kind springs days and Summer days…

Forget me not, forget me forever. Winters cold is gone and the kind Spring days are here.

The cold Winter days made me drink the vodka and juice, write the black and blue poetry.

So damn tire of the blues and the dark words. Today the birds are singing and the snow is gone. I am going to Lake St. Clair.

I will watch the ice melt and the earth come alive, I won’t cry no-more when the sun-kiss my face, I will sit by the lake, put my feet into the cold water.

Allow the body to feel the bitter cold, it will teach me, I am not dead, I am alive and well, no-more time for sad thoughts.

The Spring days are here, the sun is shining, the children are loving the warm days of Spring and I.
Learning to put-away the…

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Love me right, love me wrong.


Love me right, love me wrong…

Some fire begun and they can’t never be put out, beautiful smile, kind words and tender touches. Open doors, never to be closed.


Those eyes, stole my thoughts, you are miracle and a wonder. Just a whisper by you, I would live and die in those wild sea eyes.

Love be sweet, love me sweet, love me wrong. You were my Fall honey and my Winter hard whiskey. I needed you near, never far. You asked me, why do you love me? I told you, I just do. You make me believe love is sweet, life is good.

                         Dancing Coyote

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Gypsy heart…


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 Gypsy heart….

Her eyes, clear blue like the sea, her voice, gentle and sweet. She told me, open the locked doors, wide. We decide if our life and journey is, a prison or an adventure to discover laughter and joy.

We found the hidden waterfall at the California fault line. You taught me to free-climb, you taught me to dance to the sounds of San Francisco, I remember you, bare and perfect, allowing the water of the waterfall, to caress your perfect skin.

You liked the tequila with lime, you loved to dance with the Pacific ocean, you hated walls and time limits, you loved to sing to the stars. I told you often. I love your Gypsy heart.


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Confusion – Illusion

Spiritual messages

Some mix up love with lust
Others justice with revenge
Some business with criminality
Others self-love with selfishness
Some selflessness with pride
Others light with shadow
Some friendship with expectation
Others intelligence with cunning
Some help with reward
Others faith with herd instinct
Some mix up originality with copycatting

And so everything gets lumped together
The distinction is lost…

DidiArtist, 20.07.2021

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