i thought i saw you, from a distance amidst the crowd
i could run to you and make you remember, all that we were
all that we probably never will,
nahh, it might never actually be you
i see you everywhere, yes everywhere
unforgotten, that’s what you are to me

i see you in the morning sky, as i give thanks for a new life
a new beginning, as every ray of sunshine, is your smile
your smile, how they made me giggle secretly
in my silence
how they made me nervous, in an oh, so silly manner
‘cos you to me is the sunshine
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you in every book, in every novel, in every poetry i read
for each page, each verse, each syllable, and each rhythm and rhyme
is your strong, regular, repeated pattern of speech
i do love to listen…

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