On A Lazy Sunday Morn’


A Blessed Sunday friends and poets 🙏🙏🙏
On A Lazy Sunday Morn’
if i could stop the clock,
i’d stop it at the exact moment
you made me laugh
i’d say “freeze”, and be on that point
where i’d laugh, wide open
‘cos baby, it feels so good
and in case you don’t know
it rarely happens,
not all that is funny
makes me laugh
not all that’s amusing
makes me smile
so trust me when i say,
you tickle the deepest of my core
you made me smile
you made me laugh
and sometimes
i’m not really sure why

and, on a lazy Sunday
all i wanna be is wake up
with you beside me
‘cos, damn i’d trade anything
to make it happen
if that’s the only way i’d smile
the sweetest
on a lazy Sunday morning

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