July Steps Check-in (How are you doing writer?)

Steps In Between

It’s been a minute since we’ve spoken…or two…or 43,200! I’ve gone from blog-posting every Sunday to every other Sunday to now (evidently) once a month. I may be dwindling in my contact, and knee-deep in writing projects, but I’m still here!

So, hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Let’s check in. 😊

Please, please comment or private message me with your latest writing goals, struggles, and accomplishments because I truly care and want to provide some kind of sounding board for my fellow creators out there. Summer is a crazy time to get anything done, as we all know. I may not have the best advice, but I can empathize, and maybe even offer some resources (or two cents) that might help.

I will go first. Here’s the latest writing updates from my neck of the woods:

  • I published my YA fantasy novel, Seam Keepers, on May 12…

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