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Attraction is a manifestation of a few sudden sparks and some cursory glance erupting curiosity, and tempting our heart to a point making it desirous, which we often label ( or maybe mislabel) it as love

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Anticipation (revisited)


7 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Summer 21’ series

There are moments in soft summer days
when a whisper to the world
is all that’s needed when I wake
and the morning is unfurled

The sweet refrain of birdsong there
as the sunshine filters through
is enough for me to welcome
another day of something new

Anticipation breathes content
there’s a promise with the sun
and I venture out with purpose
as though my life had just begun


Series photo – Jempics

Anticipation‘ was first published via Jemverse on 30 May 2015

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Poetry Published in the 25th Annual Poetry Ink by Moonstone Press, Philadelphia,USA

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I’m excited to share the news of my acceptance of my poem “True Lies” in the  Annual Anthology 25th Annual Poetry Ink by Moonstone Arts Center, Philadelphia. Immensely thankful to Larry Robin for supporting my work. Honored to share space with Toi derricotte, Ronald Bremner and many more. The poetry reading will take place on 24 July at 7pm EST. The collection will come out in August 2021.

Moonstone Arts Center began in 1981 as Moonstone Readings at Robin’s Book Store. Although the bookstore closed in 2012, Larry’s connection to books and publishing created the opportunity to develop the Arts Center’s programs, which have brought writers into contact with each other and the reading public. Some notable Moonstone Arts Center programs were: The Celebration of Black Writing, which Moonstone presented for 18 years; The Paul Robeson Festival, presented for eight years; The Ink Programs (Philadelphia Ink, Women’s Ink

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God sent angel


She was dancing in front of me and my whole body shivered,

as I had never discovered somebody

so fearless and compassionate at the same time.

She moved towards me, I felt a hurricane in my life,

I feared the bird who was free in the sky.

Taking her steps slowly, every move of her was howling grace.

Eyes I tempted the most, was ready to convey all her love,

but I took a step back, knowing she was vulnerable and scared,

she was dancing sadness and contentment,

I was beaming at deities angel from paradise.

-Riya Shah

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I’ll sing to you


I’ll sing to you my favourite song,

which might give you butterflies,

a ticklish feeling in your heart.

Every word of it will be dedicated,

with different meanings of love,

it will be complete after adding you.

A day we will spend singing the lullabies your mom used to sing,

will be a way to connect to the stars while sleeping.

There will be no utterance of words,

there will be a rhythm we could grove in.

Holding your melody, I will breathe, in your arms will be.

I’ll sing along, as I’d start the verse,

you’ll have to shine to make my chore flicker.

-Riya Shah

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