Our Escape

Kim V. Poetry

I want to run away with you;
Make our escape into the unknown.
I want to make love,
In every place, we flee to.

Kiss under every shooting star.
I want to caress every part of you
And show you what you mean to me.
I want to be wherever you are.

We’re lost souls, you and I,
Attracted to the wild.
Yearning to be rid of it all.
We’re made of the sea,
Unleashed on the waves.

Infused in our bones,
We can’t live without it.
Like fantasies in the dream world,
I can’t love without you.

I want to run away with you,
Risk it all,
Just to have you with me.

So take my hand, and we’ll go;
Disappear into the void,
Where we’ll always be free.
And no one will ever find us;
Because night lives forever there.

Art: Anne Stokes Collection

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