Looking for my Agnes…


Looking for my Agnes…

Hemingway wrote of his Agnes. A love, who saved him and left him. Hemingway learn. Love in war, just gifts of the survivors. We must go home. Took J. D Salinger a lifetime to find his Agnes. Hemingway’s words made him know. Love was rare and needed. Salinger was heavy with terrible memories. A kind woman protected and loved him. She saved him. He found a forever Agnes.

Hemingway never forgot the kind nurse. She nursed his injuries and his heart/mind. He loved her till his last days. I wondered did Hemingway think of the kind married lady before he killed himself?

I wonder, do we accept less? I was saved and I was broken. Love was sweet and love was damned.
Today I know. We are just pieces of a puzzle. Just pieces gathering till we built a final draft, of what we support to…

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Angel dancing, too close to the ground…


Angel dancing, too close to ground

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Just words. Beautiful song."     

                            Angels dancing, too close to the ground…

Pretty wishes, deadly journey led me to the Austin, Texas sun and you. Till I met you. I saw grey skies only and the drink was sweeter than living. I remembers I told you my sad tale and you told me. You talk of life, like it is piss and shit only. Sorrow and pain, they are just lessons to make us appreciate the good days.

You were Texas born, long legs  and so damn beautiful. I knew your words, honest and true. I told you. I need a miracle, I need to appreciate the white words, delete the dark words. I need a Texas girl who love the long Texas…

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Frightened Eyes

The Lighthouse

They don’t understand
being beautiful, being desired
They have no experience
of anything but
broken smiles
inconsequential voices
feeble phrases
and frightened eyes…

Frightened eyes
everyone, everything
everyone and everything
Frightened eyes
consider lies
the currency of choice
to navigate the halls of hate
down which they walk every day
at everyone they pass, they laugh
and everything they see, they secretly
want, so badly, to be…

They don’t understand
being youthful, being vital
with no energy
for anything but…
vicious side-swiping
venomous debasing
violent de-throning
and squint-eyed loathing…

Squint-eyed loathing
seeping in
every hour, every day
every hour of every day
Squint-eyed loathing
the only thing
they undertake to truly know
deeper goes their insight into
scared-shitless creeping feelings
and everyone they meet, they mistreat
everything they learn, they, in return
want, so badly, to burn…


Thanks for reading.

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You have me


Dressed like your secret fantasy,

I will come near you and won’t leave.

With my heart ill paint the sky,

that you left for me I know.

It’s a canvas I always wanted to have,

fully mine to be coloured in different shades.

Like me and you, I’ll colour it half pink with a blue tint in it.

You won’t lose me even when things won’t be satisfactory,

cause there is a girl who wanted you all her life.

We could sit on the carpet of our love,

holding hands we could sort all grudges.

Undoing it with all my edges,

I’ll set you free and love you with my everything.

-Riya Shah

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The darkness around me was adoring me,

I was moon there who was free.

To love, to live, to be!

The sun was shining even when I was sorrowful after arose,

Inside me, there was a glow.

Nobody noticed I wasn’t a growing tree.

The stars I dropped like teardrops,

in the land vacant they overlooked.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a beautiful soul

For people possessing me!

-Riya Shah

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Assassinating her


She was nothing but the cloud that was so far away from me,

that I wanted to fly just to reach her.

Music was so much intriguing,

my ears wanted to remember every lyric of it.

The smell of everything that was beautiful and delightful,

she was every way that leads to someplace

they say where peace exists.

For me, she was everything that I’ve ever dreamt of,

but for him, she was nothing even close to it.

I fear he’ll assassinate her beauty while she is loving him.

-Riya Shah

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Petals of Words

Hearing The Mermaids Sing

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com



I swore never to give my words away like blossoms in the spring.

Yet, I marvel at all the words I’d gather,

arrange for you in artful, elegant bouquets.

I’ve keloid locks where my words are stored.

I possess not the oils to soften those locks,

Trapping my words deep in their vault,

My words may never know freedom.


Yet, I find myself streaming petals of words for you

In hazy, lazy patterns,

Knowing you have the wisdom, the soul

To read my words much like braille—

A code of sorts–

So you can hear and know,

Though unspoken,

All my words bestow.









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Good news about Kindle Vella stories!

I Write Her

I don’t know if it’s first come, first served and eventually they will stop doing this but some of my readers told me they received 200 token credits which means they can literally read ALL my stories for free right now!!

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An American Conflict


The Shifting Sands

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The Passageway

Bridge to the Stars

Secrets Between Lovers

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Perpetual Pain

I Write Her

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #190 – Insanity
Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Unforgotten

no one told me
the days of mourning
linger for years

those unforgotten bring us
more bitter than sweet memories
unexpectedly and forcefully

it rises up within us
tears well and overflow incessantly
this insanity of grief, tortuous

when you love hard
you hurt more
death really kills two people

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