If It’s Gossip Ignore It

Be Inspired..!!

There is another form of negative opinion about yourself, which is gossip. Verbal violence, most of the time. People will just yell at you or will write bad stuff about you or they will gossip about you. This is not to be confused with criticism. At its core, criticism is constructive, whereas gossip has nothing to do with that, it exists solely for entertaining the gossipers.

Well, if it’s nothing constructive there, just move on. Ignore it. It takes some practice, but it can be done. You can just observe it, acknowledge that it’s there, acknowledge that some people have fun talking bad about you. Acknowledging doesn’t mean engaging it. You can observe with detachment. Don’t feel either good or bad about it. And especially about the people who are doing it. Just look at it the same way you look at the rain. It’s just there, coming down from…

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