If it’s Coming From You Don’t Believe It

Be Inspired..!!

The most difficult to deal with, is the negative opinion which comes from yourself. I’m not good enough. Whatever I do, it’s not enough. I will never be as good as it takes. Sounds familiar? That’s my “favorite”, so to speak. Or at least the one that’s the most difficult to deal with, for me.

I tried many antidotes. Believe me, many antidotes. Some of them worked better than others, but what I found to work all the time is: do not believe what you think. It sounds really counterintuitive, and yes, it really is.

Because, on one side, you trust your mind to give you accurate information about your day to day life, and on the other side, you decide not to trust it on this one. How come?

The trick is to understand that what your mind is telling you about yourself is not real. It’s just a…

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