Goodness (revisited)


2 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Summer 21’ series

Sunrise over a sea-mist evening
Summer’s soft call now
The heat of day slip-slides away
Cool now upon my brow

Golden painted water glistens
And seagulls on the wing
Hover lazy, almost sleeping
As evening songbirds sing

This is a picture dreams are made of
Contented smiles attest
All one could hope for and as I am here
I am a man who’s blessed


Photo – Jempics

Jemverse first published ‘Goodness‘ on 28 May 2014

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Daybreak confession to the sea…


Daybreak confession to the Sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"In a life we must add up what we have done. Re-set our journey and begin again." 

Daybreak confession to the Sea….

I have reached the bottom of the bottle.
Now distraught and delirious dreams led me to wishing.

I was swimming in your warm sweet kisses.
Desiring steamy long nights of passion in your embrace.

I have joined the bonafide brethren of men who cradle love in their hands.
And misused the sweet woman.

Now I sit in a abyss of shit sipping bourbon.
Walking on a tightrope.

I wish for those nights when you came to me in your sexy red negligee.
Your brown eyes taking the weight of the world away.

I tried to forget your beautiful face.

I pick-up another shot of whiskey.
Raise the glass up and whisper to a divine and beautiful woman.

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I am the raindrop stuck in your leaves,

will you let me go or hold up till I could breathe?

I won’t leave your place, but if I do will you be able to see me slip.

I am easy to share, with the clouds, I won’t share,

you with the land even if I have to admit.

That there is nothing much more beautiful in the world

to be closer to someone like you,

pleasured in your arms than to fall for the woods.

Undoing what I did wrong in the first place,

to be able to have something I could hook.

There are millions of fantasies in my world,

would you be fine falling with me, when I weaken,

I’ll stand up even when things don’t get my way,

inside there is a wander craving everything in her book.

She read fairytales in her never-ending nights,

rehearse being…

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Can I put white curtains or will it be black like your core,

am I allowed to be mine before I could be yours?

I want serenity in my life, with you or without.

I haven’t dreamt about people to visit,

I won’t call you home.

I am terrible when it comes to choices,

you’re still the only option I got.

I can’t pluck myself out of your garden,

so will you water me or not?

Helpless I felt when they said I was yours,

becoming mine entirely in a slow process was what I desired.

Do you have an empty room for me,

or should I just sleep on the floor?

-Riya Shah

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I ain’t sufficient


Why do I look for peace in people when they’ll leave eventually?

Is there no love for myself within me?

Someone to hold and walk in the path I need,

why am I not sufficient for myself?

From the woods, I crave green,

I skip chapters that are about you, certainly.

I said once I’ll let you hurt me twice,

but this time I am worsened by your dishonesty.

Carrying your baggage, injure me every time,

you aren’t awakened with the things you did to me,

nor did you see these tears that are a sign of your lies.

I surrounded myself with greenery,

I won’t ask that to my woods,

I am trying to heal, I won’t be coming back to you.

-Riya Shah

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