Vinegar and sweet wine…


Vinegar and sweet wine…

Did I thank you my beautiful and sweet Brigitte?
I’m leaving  on  plane very soon for my real home.
You came back into my life to say goodbye.
You are sitting between my legs and
I caressed your hair as you lay your head against my chest.

I whispered, You saved my life once. Life was lost in my mind. Time became seconds
ticking away waiting for nothing. On a cold winter day. You found me alone with the whiskey
and bad thoughts. You told me.  “Love is like vinegar and sweet wine. Love begin so sweet and
if we don’t be kind and gentle. Sweet wine can turn to vinegar.”

Sweet Brigitte walked softly into my life.
Walking softly on old memories.
Trying to replace pain with tender touches and soft kisses.
Time allowed our love to grow.
We spend a year in the heat…

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