Stop Self Sabotage

Be Inspired..!!

You’ll be surprised by how much of a burden you can be to yourself. You are literally self sabotaging. Most of the time, unconsciously. If you have a long history of failure, that could mean you managed to become your worst enemy. Stop it.

Easier said than done, I agree. Self sabotaging is really difficult to identify. I know it was difficult to identifyfor me. I didn’t even know I was self-sabotaging myself until I was able to see, after many years, some patterns.

For me, it was fear of success. I was so afraid of being successful that I was unconsciously sabotaging myself. For you, it may be anything else. But it’s happening more often than you think. Make peace with the fact that you may be your worse enemy and after that, make peace with this enemy.

Whenever you do something wrong in a context you’re usually doing…

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