Midnight Phone Call

Kim V. Poetry

You know,
I can’t see you without me.
So…just tell me you
Long for me,
and I’m yours.

Because I miss you when you’re gone.
I miss you when you’re here.
The timber of your voice
And the whispers
After midnight,
Keep me awake,
Just thinking about
What we could be.

You are a part of me.
Like the bones in my chest,
Protecting my fragile heart.
You are a part of me.
Like the very air I need,
To exist in this space.

I have so many things to tell you,
But I’m too afraid to say them.
I know you feel it, too, though.
So we both sit here,
Waiting for the other,
To say those secret words.

But, before I can rip my heart out,
Before I give you a piece of my soul,
We say goodbye.
We end the call with a,
“Talk to you…

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