Avoid Fighting

Be Inspired..!!

Fighting is the biggest energy leak of your being. Trying to prove another guy wrong is so against your true nature. You’re here to acknowledge life’s wonders, not to prove someone’s wrong. They’re not wrong, just have different opinions. And that’s part of life.

I was so judgmental when I was younger. Anytime I saw something wrong I had to “stand up” for it. Which most of the time lead to a fight. I also took pride in proving others wrong. “I was right, you know!” What a huge, worthless and ridiculous waste of time…

Fighting is the best food for your ego. You know, that part of you which can be hurt and humiliated. The more you grow your ego, the more you’ll experience hurt, humiliation, fighting and sorrow.

Just let go. Maybe you’re right. It’s more than enough that you know it in your heart.

How To Avoid…

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