Maybe…A Brazen Performance

You Lil Dickens

On this very Saturday night, I put on my strapless pink and white polka dot dress, matching pink heels, and dared to don the pearls.

For a moment I stood on my front porch listening to the crickets chirp and decided to join them!

I stepped up and took the stage at The Lil Blue Note 🎵

Brazenly, belting out: Maybe, by The Chantels.

Maybe, if I pray every night
You’ll come back to me.
Maybe, if I cry everyday
You’ll come back to stay.
Ohhhh, maybe…Maybe, if I hold your hand,
You will understand,
And maybe, if I kissed your lips
You’ll be at my command.
Ohhhh, maybe…I’ve prayed and prayed
To the Lord
To send you back my love,
But instead youcame to me
Only in My dreamsMaybe if I pray every night,
You’ll come back to me.
Maybe If I cry every day,
You’ll come back to…

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