Spotlight Poetry – The Magic of the Mind – A poem by Clive Webster

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The Magic of the Mind by Clive Webster

I’ve read in books of magic lands
So very far away,

Where genies pop up out of lamps
And magic creatures play.
Where wizards weave their magic spells
And dragons breathe out fire,

Where just one wish gives young and old
Their every heart’s desire.

Those lands, of course, are just in books,
But if you try real hard,

Those magic places come to life
Right in your own back yard.
For sitting quietly in the sun
On a lazy Summer’s day

You can sit and smile and dream you’re there
In those lands so far away.

And as the sunshine warms your mind
You’re in those golden lands,

With wizards, genies, dragons, spells,
And cut-throat pirate bands.
You’re saving damsels in distress,
You’re fighting deadly duels,

You’re banqueting in marbled halls,
You’re decked in priceless jewels.

You’re there…

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