Holy as love…


Holy as love


Pretty woman dancing with me on the Belton, Texas dance hall floor on a Friday night.
She told me. Honey, darling and my sweetheart.
Love demands payment. Love is holy and can be so sweet.
Last kiss, first kiss. Places we lose ourselves and we don’t want to be found.


Lover, lover, my dear lover.
Show me dirty. Make me feel used and abuse.
Allow me to confess secrets words hidden safe in cotton sheets and motel painted walls.
Let’s show real face and allow the passion dead, to rise again.
Make me wild and free. Make me beg for more.


She whispered to me at the 3am hour.
Love was luck and folly.
The irony of love is we grope and steal till we are filled-up.
We forget love should be fasting and to be savor.
We devour flesh like people desperate to…

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I need you, I don’t need you…


I need you, I don’t need you

                                   Damn if you do, damn if you don’t

Perfect beautiful girl came to me in the midnight hour. Eyes of hazel green, robust and young body demanding my attention. I knew the ending before the beginning.  She was wildflowers free in heart and a crashing sea in the need of the love. She wanted everything and wanted nothing. I was just a place to rest, till her heart languished new kiss and embrace.

We shared cigarettes, the vodka and juice and the midnight dance. She hypnotized me with sweet words and make me wish for false redemption. The redemption of believing our words whispered in the chaos of passion and sweet kiss. Were promises made to be obeys.

Longs night led to late afternoon during the cold days…

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Miss nothing, miss everything…


Miss nothing, miss everything…

We painted our world fiery red once. We try to cheat love and we collided like freight trains unstoppable.
We painted our world white once. Allowed secret pain and regret to stop the drive of love.
Making light and dark collide and left us consumed by old scars, lies and sour wine memories.
We painted our world black once. Allowing bloody memory to leave us in different places.

The red sun, the blood sun burned on my face in the Iraq sun. I told the sun. The existence of love is leftover dreams for the foolish and the hopeless. In sweet dreams. I saw your face. You whispered darling, love and sweetheart to my wanting ears. I see glimpses of soft and tender legs, skin fighting in a chaos to kill our desperate needs.. Your perfect face and beautiful eyes telling me. “Everything looked better in…

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The coyote and the raven dance…


(blackkey76 Thank you for artwork)

The Coyote and Raven dance…

The coyote was dancing for the half-moon,

he moved and weaved into the deep forest and he knew.

His beautiful friend was watching him celebrate the night.

The shapeshifter moon allowed the real faces to appear.

The darkest and blackest raven watched from the willow tree.

Maybe the raven needed to dance with the coyote, he hoped.

He told the moon, thank you for the half-moon night and

the star above. He saw the dark hair beauty walking toward him.

She moved softly on the forest surface,

her pale skin and softest brown eyes, stole his eyes.

He asked her. Can I dance with you? Can I kiss your beautiful tattoo.

Can we fall in love again?

He heard the nightingale song and he sang a song.

“Love be sweet, love be bold.

Lovers never ask, just fall into…

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