Unhinged: Special Elle Edition

You Lil Dickens

Come along with me as I share with you what might be one of my most embarrassing moments ever. It wasn’t funny then, but now I see the hilarity in this “Special” story and would like to give you all an extra special glimpse into my life. Everyone has bad days, right? Sure! Well, remember that, alright. Oh, yeah, one more thing, I dare you NOT to laugh.

The Flipper Speech, Jerry Maguire

This isn’t a story about me quitting my job and flipping out on my co-workers. Although, it did get a little Jerry Maguire-esque. I came completely unhinged!

In college, I was lucky enough to land a teaching internship in the Philosophy Dept., Contemporary Moral Problems AKA Intro to Ethics. I was overjoyed! It was challenging finding the balance between teaching and my classes, but I loved it. After a class, my face would be sore from smiling…

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