Make New Friends

Be Inspired..!!

Reach out. Don’t be afraid. Establish new contacts. The worst thing that may happen to you is to be rejected. Well, if that’s the case, move on. The reward of having true, long-lasting friendship is worth all the potential rejection.

Most of the time, the reason for not having friends is an unconscious bad image about ourselves. We don’t reach out because we feel we don’t deserve it. Guess what: the reality obeys our thoughts and putsus outside the real life.

Isolation is not good for you. We are designed to be social animals, to exist and support existence in a larger structure. Whenever you isolate, you’re burning some bridges behind. If you keep burning them, eventually you’ll become just a lonely island.

You may decide you have enough money at some point, but you can never have enough friends.

How To Make New Friends

As I wrote the title…

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