She Be a Poet ~ Sunny Spirit

She Be Fierce

Hold Onto Your Sun

Beach walks on golden sand,
soulmate footprints destined,
sea breeze whispers I love you,
endless tears now dry, past whirlwinds.

Ocean tide moves in time with my breath,
natures soothing balm true healer,
freeing spirit in time to live,
I am my teacher.

Rested arms reach out to the sun,
rays lovingly touch with faithful feeling,
dreams of destinations clear daylight,
visual art of believing.

I see colours bursting bravely taking flight,
a vibrant spray covering toxic gloom,
a rare and beautiful spectacle,
blissful, I am attuned.

© Michelle Sotiriou 2021

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Johnnie’s verbal words- A love story


We didn’t know, love was like a fleeing butterfly.

We tried to hold the wind, we tried to stop time,

we held our kisses long and sweet.

We didn’t know.

Love words, love dances, just magic and wisp for the dreamers.

We didn’t know, love comes when she wants and you cannot stop time.

Locked doors must be opened and you cannot catch the wind.

I love your memory and I need to hear your voice, dear beloved.

A love story…

I remember us, I remember you.

You were my Spring time love, my wildflower dream that came true.

You taught me to dance with the free-flowers and to sing to the sun and the moon.

We found the ancient castles of Germany and I loved watching your face, your eyes, filled with joy discovering new places and new wonders.

We found love, holding hands, sharing warm kisses, allowed…

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Dear Peggy, please don’t cry…



Sweet Peggy, please don’t cry…


I found you again in 1992. My war had ended for awhile and you were fighting a lifetime war. You had gin, vodka and whiskey on your kitchen table when  I found you again in Florida. I asked you. Sweet Peggy, where are you going? where have you been? What do you want? Are you okay?

You filled two glasses, two ice cubes each and you filled the glass with the whiskey. You drank the whiskey and you told me. Johnnie, Johnnie. I am here no-more. I called you in Michigan and you came to me. You are my only friend.   I have gave everything away and now I am alone. I don’t recognize my face no-more. I am ugly with hate and regret.

Tears fell from her eyes and I brought her close and I whispered. Sweet Peggy, please don’t cry. I am…

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Johnnie want a wild girl..


I want a wild gal….

She wore her Sunday best and the smile of a angel.

I told her, all we have is a Winter day and 10 inches of snow.

She asked me. Is that a snow sled in the back of the truck?

I told her yes and it is rarely used, the snow rarely sticks.

Her pretty smile turn wicked and she asked.

Johnnie, please take me to the big hill on Romeo road.

I smiled and I told her. Honey, you are dressed-up pretty and heels upon

your pretty feet.

She came close to me, tapped my forehead and she asked.

Do you believe I am dainty and soft? I can break?

I told her. No, you are my wild gal, fearless and brave.

If you want the snow hill, we shall go now.

She smiled and she kissed me. She answered. Good!!

We climbed the…

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Healing cracks


Do I need to clarify it again?

Isn’t it obvious that I don’t want you back?

These tears are a sign that I don’t want to show

I’ve been hurt a thousand times before,

from my hazel eyes do you want more?

Every time I focus on myself,

you appear from nowhere to confide

that you aren’t still over, what should I be now?

The one who’s been hurt or the one who hurt you?

Being the horrible person I escaped your side,

you are simply making me the bad guy.

I won’t cry on these words you know,

I am more than the face I show.

I’ve evolved, the graph has never been dropped,

there won’t be a guy for whom my life would stop.

Even when butterflies feel like a trap,

I want to be away from feelings

I’ve awakened myself, they aren’t healing the cracks.

-Riya Shah

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A story


I’ll write you a fantasy of mine,

will you tell me your story too?

I am my saviour with a sword, wearing a white gown,

Will you be my Knight in the full moon?

I’m tired of being the only one fighting for myself.

I am an Art, will you paint yourself too

with the colours present in the rainbow?

Reciting my own story is hard you know,

will you hold the mic while I recite, and my hands too?

I’ll shiver with the words, maybe some tears I’ll drop,

A part of it would be happy, as it will be dedicated to you.

-Riya Shah

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Shaping love


I will never forget how you treated me,

even when I gave you my heart, you didn’t even saw it coming.

I am so done with people who treat me like an option,

I am beautiful chaos, and you don’t know how it is to be done.

So let me show you how sin is committed

I am so much bored with feeding the soul of others.

The Queen need some wisdom,

so I’ll give me the love I craved every time.

You know peace is where I am at,

even when you’ll see around me

you’ll feel everything is right.

I made myself with the pieces they said I could never fix,

you can see that I am in beautiful shape.

-Riya Shah

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