Success Is Setting Your Own Path

Be Inspired..!!

Being successful, when discussed more broadly, is usually representative of fervent attempts to define what success supposedly means for us humans.And we all want to be successful in some way, right?The dictionary definitions of success generally mean the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.But, what if we have been heavily influenced to think our aim or purpose is better aligned with externally validated measures and not our own carefully considered ones?Then, the measures associated with that success become things like social status, material wealth, property ownership, popularity, attractiveness of mates, power, or superior positioning on a ladder of hierarchy.Not, whether we are truly happy with what we are doing and the authenticity of it to us.Nor, who we are being and how real this is, and building meaningful connections with those we love being it with.

And, what if these same measures keep people trapped in a wheel of

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