On Trust & Leadership

Savvy Raj

Leadership in teams.

If you have been leading teams at work…

How important do you think is a culture of trust to an enterprise and its growth?

How would it be possible to create, nurture & sustain trust in teams?

On a scale of 1 to 10 where do you think the team you lead,  is in terms of trustfulness

Companies spend a lot of their resourcesplanning for engagements that are geared towards trust building.
There are get togethers, team lunches, resort trips arranged,and social events organizedto ensure every one has a good time and build a rapport with each other.

Trust is a significant and valuable trait to build into any functional team.
And it is the responsibility of the leader to create an atmosphere for trust to follow through in teams

What are the genuine ways of trust building in teams?
What makes a team trust a leader?

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