Choosing The Difficult Path

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It’s easy to rationalize, justify and excuse. That’s what our brain wants us to do. Our brain defaults to the simple, conserving our energy, not doing the difficult work. We can choose the easy path; deciding that “it happened long ago” or rationalize why we continue to associate with individuals, companies, and teams who might not be on a positive path. Or we can choose the difficult path. Come to terms with the choices we’ve made, the positions we’ve found ourselves in, maybe even the things we’ve done. If we don’t, we end up right back in the position we started in.

Whenever we are faced with a difficult situation, uncertainty, or stress, we generally go one of two ways. We stick to the status quo, take the path of least resistance and justify or blame others. Or, we choose to take on the challenge.

It’s time for all of…

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