Hard Truths About Relationships

Be Inspired..!!

I want to share some hard truths that I’ve realized in relationships, because in this awareness, I’ve found a new layer of peace and understanding in my relationships that has benefited me greatly.

  1. It’s okay for relationships to end (even the good ones).I whole-heartedly believe that not all relationships are meant to last forever. When you can understand that human beings are constantly evolving and changing, it feels quite natural for relationships to do the same. Rather than making yourself bad or wrong because a relationship evolved into a new form, honor what was good and the love that was shared and recognize that this new space means new opportunity.
  2. You can be loved and misunderstood at the same time.Understanding this shifted everything for me. So often I felt confused by relationships where I was told that I was loved and I knew that to be true, but…

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