Flip Side

sharon unfiltered

This was first written when in July 2019 I pondered how we are with ourselves and others and realised we adopt many faces. Multiple personas for multiple people and situations. It’s not a bad thing, it’s human and called adaption but it can cause problems in the honesty vs tact department.

Flip side of the coin. Two sides to a story. Both sides of the argument.

Believe me when I say, only disease and death have one side. The side inflicted upon their unsuspecting victims. Suspecting even; there’s only one goal. To harm, destroy, alarm and end. 100% honest truth.

People in general have a flip side. That persona put on dependent upon company. We’re not only two-faced, we’re as faceted as a diamond. That’s a fact. You’re like this for him, like that for her, watch your language for that puritan couple down the road. Then we’re two-faced for…

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