Independence Day…”all men are created equal”

Roth Poetry

Fourth of July 2012

I wrote this poem almost ten years ago. Thinking about the 4th of July and what independence day really means, I realized that it is all in the perspective from which it is viewed. It may be uncomfortable to look back at history the way it really was and know that for many generations, equality was nowhere to be found. A lot has changed in the last ten years, but inequality still exists in our nation. What will you and your children do to bring about change for the common good?

When all the fireworks fade into ashes

And the Bar-B-Que grills have cooled.

When the wide eyes of the children close in blissful sleep

Do you ever wonder what Independence Day really means…

To the ancestors of African slaves brought here in the holds of ships

Who look back at our forefather who bought and…

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