Dealing with Jealous Thoughts

Be Inspired..!!

Try identifying situations when you find yourself feeling jealous and write down for yourself:

1. When the feelings and jealous thoughts arise.

2. What actual thoughts go through your head.

3. (a) What you might say to yourself
(b) What you might do in terms of actions – to prevent the jealous thought from taking over and to retain your dignity. 

You might for example:

  • Remind yourself of those positive qualities that you do have and that these are not dependent on the approval or interest of the other person
  • Count to 10 before opening your mouth in anger to allow you to collect your thoughts
  • If there are others present, look at the other people in the room who are not involved in the situation and not even aware of it and start to wonder what they might be thinking about, as a way of taking your mind off…

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