The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – July 1

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

I am exhausted. I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get everything finished. I am ever so grateful that Friday comes early this week. The sweetest thing happens when a holiday falls on either Saturday or Sunday—it allows you to turn a single day off into a four-day weekend. Who doesn’t love a four-day weekend?

The staircase project is complete. All nine interior doors are refurbished, and they look incredible. Somehow, I completely forgot about needing to sand, stain, and poly the heat vents. Oops. I can’t put the supplies away just yet. The linen closet shelves need a few minor details, and then I can apply the final coat of paint.

I finished the Pantry Wall and moved the cutting and installation of self-liners to the rest of the kitchen cabinets. Once I wrap up those jobs, I get to start my favorite chore—cleaning. Every day…

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