Types of Smiles

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Think for a moment about the wide variety of different types of smiles that a person might have in a day, a week, a month, a year. Sure, technically a smile is any small movement of a few facial muscles that allow the corners of the mouth to turn up. But the actual experience of a smile can range from a tiny forced hint of those upturned corners, all the way to a broad, toothy grin.

Humans smile in dozens, if not hundreds of different ways.


1. An obligatory smile, like when you smile at a joke that’s not funny just to be socially polite
2. A laughing smile, when you’re genuinely humored and can’t keep it inside
3. A shocked smile, such as when you’re greeted by a pleasant surprise
4. A wistful smile, that happens when remembering something or someone fondly

5. A…

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