Add More Joy Everyday

Be Inspired..!!

Each one of us can benefit in many ways from adding more joy into our daily lives. It’s not just about feeling happier. Although joy and happiness are linked, the latter tends to be fleeting whereas joy is both longer-lasting and more nuanced. Joy is a complex, layered experience that we feel deep inside of ourselves when something resonates with us in a positive way.

If you can’t immediately discern the difference between happiness and joy, there is a simple way to think of it. Happiness starts on the outside and goes in. For example, when you eat something that tastes good, you might momentarily feel happy. Joy, on the other hand, starts on the inside and flows outward. Joy can still be sparked by eating something you love, but the joy isn’t just in the taste; it’s in the memories the taste evokes, the full sense of abundance that…

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