Ever cared about the overall outlook of your website?

The Shared Pen

I recently decided to reorganise my website and I also visited the home pages of some different types blogs for reference and came up a few conclusions.

Appearance and Presentation

WordPress offers a lot of amazing website development features even in free mode. The presentation, appearance and organisation of your website totally depends upon you.

WordPress, laptop, aesthetic, diary with coffee cup, features of wordpress

Here, I am not taking about the content of your blog posts, I am talking about the outlook of your site and surprisingly, you do not require a paid version or the business plan to create an attractive one!

Sample presentation-

Below are the images of the home page of my own website ‘justwritrist.wordpress.com‘ that I recently customized and would like to display as sample-

Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen

Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen

Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen

Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen

Well, How was it? Did you like it?

And Guess what? I did not pay a single penny to develope this much! Cool isn’t it?


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Self Compassion

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Self-compassion gives us the ability to treat ourselves with affection rather than constantly judging ourselves. This is the first element of self-compassion. Imagine that a very close friend is beating themselves up about a situation and blaming themselves. How would you treat them? You could probably look at the situation much more objectively, reminding your friend of their strengths and good sides. However, when it comes to ourselves, it is not that easy to switch to this attitude. Self-compassion makes these transitions easier. As we practice self-compassion, we begin to accept and understand feelings such as pain, failure and inadequacy, instead of getting angry at ourselves and ignoring them. Imagine someone you feel very safe with, such as a family member or your partner. Wouldn’t it be easier to show that person your vulnerable side and share your burden with them? Because when we feel embraced and safe expressing ourselves…

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It takes a special kind of discipline to forgive and change how you think and feel. It is easy to view yourself, your situation, or another person in a resentful way because blaming, feeling victimized, or being taken advantage of places responsibility outside of yourself. The following are self-statements based on the belief that responsibility and fault lies outside of yourself (externally):

  • I am a victim.
  • I hate you for doing this to me.
  • You are responsible for my problems.
  • I can’t do anything about my situation.

Repeating these kinds of statements can lead you into feeling trapped. That brings up the point of how to alter this negative pattern? The easy part is realizing that these statements don’t have to dictate your feelings. The reality is they have no innate power in and of themselves. In fact, you are the source of their power. When you internalize the statements…

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The Painful Journey of Grief

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Grieving is not forgetting. Nor is it drowning in tears. Healthy grieving results in an ability to remember the importance of our loss—but with a newfound sense of peace, rather than searing pain.

No two people are likely to experience grief in the same way. The way we think and feel, the way our body functions, and the way we interact with others may all be affected.

Sometimes our reactions are so changeable, intense, or irrational that we fear we may be going crazy. Often grieving people are afraid to confront their grief for fear that if they open the door they will be drowned in a flood of tears or rage. Though this is very unlikely, allowing others to help us in our grieving is good insurance that we will keep our balance.

No matter what our intense experiences of grief may be, they are temporary . There is

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Fear of Moving Forward

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You’re on the verge of making some exciting positive change in your life, when suddenly you feel it: the cold, iron grip of the status quo. Even though part of you is excited about the possibility of change — a new job, a new home, a new relationship — there’s another part that’s attached to your present reality, comfortable with your inertia. And that part is making it very difficult for you to move forward.

Instead of feeling a sense of happy anticipation about the prospect of change, you might feel immobilized by a flurry of fears. There are so many questions: Am I really doing the right thing? How will my family and friends react to my new situation? Will I miss my old life? Or will I be overwhelmed by my new situation and decide that I’m just not up to its challenges? What if I fail? What…

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Choosing To Be Happy

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Someone once said to me they didn’t feel that being happy was a choice. They felt that no one decides to have a bad day. That everyone starts the day choosing to be happy, but that things happened along the way that were out of their control. While I agree that things do happen that are out of our control, I must say though, that I disagree that no one decides to have a day other than a great one… We just may not realize that we are making that choice.

Unfortunately, I think we all, at times, choose not to have a happy day… Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously, as in when we choose to hold grudges, resentments, feel self-pity, etc. etc. That’s when we are choosing through our thoughts and attitudes to have a bad day… for how can we have a great day when we are mired…

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Power Of A Compliment

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When was the last time someone gave you a compliment? Do you recall how it made you feel appreciated and recognized? In celebration of World Compliment Day, let’s explore the science behind why compliments feel so good and why we should give more of them.

Why compliments feel so good: they light up your brain in the right places
Ever overheard someone saying compliments are a gift? Well, it turns out that may not be far off the mark. A few years ago, in a study where participants’ brains were scanned using MRI, researchers discovered that receiving compliments led to similar activation in reward areas of the brain, such as the striatum, as receiving monetary gifts. This suggests not only that social and monetary rewards are processed in a similar manner, but also that social rewards can feel just as good as monetary rewards. This may explain why people sometimes…

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Understanding The Mind

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The first step in understanding the mind is to realize that your thoughts are what determines your everyday experiences. This is the basic premise of all spiritual texts and esoteric schools of thought. It is also reflected in many scientific spheres such as quantum mechanics.

People have certain thought patterns that they picked up from the wider society, from their parents, from groups and organizations etc. They then project these thought patterns onto their surroundings. And they then mistakenly believe that their own projections and interpretations are the ‘truth’. But the truth is different for everybody, depending on their particular thoughts. This is why here is so much diversity in the world today.

There are some scientific discoveries and psychological observations which might be of interest in understanding how the mind works. These include:

  1. The mind cannot distinguish between real and imaginary.
  2. 95% of your activity is subconscious (try being…

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Develop Mental Strength

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Understanding that your thoughts determine your environment and that you can command your thoughts is the first step. But committing to a daily routine of developing mental and emotional strength is something else entirely. It takes discipline, character, and patience. The idea that we can just manifest what we want is a little misguided. The fact is that you may have spent the last 30 or 40 years anti-manifesting.

Focusing on worry and stress, eating the wrong foods, in toxic relationships, with limiting beliefs that have been with you since childhood. These are not removed overnight. It can take years to rid yourself of certain thoughts and ideas, and you have to be constantly vigilant about what you are thinking and what you are consuming.

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Advertising and Media

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Advertising and media are negative mental devices.

The destructive nature of advertising and the media becomes more important when people start to look inside and understand the power of their own thoughts. If the majority of our actions are subconscious and advertising and media are specifically aimed at manipulating our environment, then they have a large say in how we behave. Scientific data has shown that people are victims of advertising even when they view themselves as impervious.

When we see something, our conscious minds might not take it in.

But our subconscious most certainly does.
So almost by default, we are all victims of the surrounding environment which is aimed at subverting our actions. And it does an excellent job, given that consumerism is running rampant and people are now paying nearly $1,000 for phones alone while morals and ethics fall by the wayside. If you are serious about…

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