Self Compassion

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Self-compassion gives us the ability to treat ourselves with affection rather than constantly judging ourselves. This is the first element of self-compassion. Imagine that a very close friend is beating themselves up about a situation and blaming themselves. How would you treat them? You could probably look at the situation much more objectively, reminding your friend of their strengths and good sides. However, when it comes to ourselves, it is not that easy to switch to this attitude. Self-compassion makes these transitions easier. As we practice self-compassion, we begin to accept and understand feelings such as pain, failure and inadequacy, instead of getting angry at ourselves and ignoring them. Imagine someone you feel very safe with, such as a family member or your partner. Wouldn’t it be easier to show that person your vulnerable side and share your burden with them? Because when we feel embraced and safe expressing ourselves…

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