Love had no pride…


Love had no pride….

Pretty wishes, pretty memories, become kind and sweet places we have known. I remember my greatest wish, ginger hair girl with the eyes of hazel, she was once, my midnight dancer in the cold nights of Winter.

On a night with the liar’s moon above, I told her, I loved her so and she whispered.Dear Johnnie, forgive me,I am a mess and cannot be awaken.

I held her tighter and I whispered. Please tell me sweet lies, please make me believe in miracles and wishes. I know, love had no pride. We have tonight, maybe tomorrow. You and I, we are running from everything and everyone. The half-moon night is above us, we can share the sweet lies. Pretend  we have forever and a-day.

Pretty Jenny wrapped her nude body tightly around me, she whispered. love had no pride dear Johnnie, after we give everything away…

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