Learn From Your Failures

Be Inspired..!!

Most of us are pretty afraid of failure. Not that it’s ever come second nature to want to embrace our faults with gusto, but in our modern age – a time filled with PR spins and calculated retorts – it’s pretty rare to hear someone simply admit, “Yes. That happened. I failed.”

Even if you’re not starting over because of a failure you personally made, chances are it feels so devastating because you’re telling yourself that you’ve failed regardless. If you can’t break free from that cycle of thought, then engage it instead. Dive right in and own how you’ve (seemingly or otherwise) failed. Feel it. Then… realize you’re still standing. That ownership of failure doesn’t have to break you; learn from what went wrong and see “failure” as valuable knowledge that you wouldn’t have gained otherwise.

Maybe you can now recognize your boundaries more clearly. Maybe now you’ll know…

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