Endings Are Necessary

Be Inspired..!!

Things end. They just do. The reason this quote, “The day you’re born you begin to die,” is so depressing is because it’s technically true.

But again, you get to decide what you do with that information. There’s no overarching force dictating your need to obsess over that or deny it — you can acknowledge life’s movement and progression without the added weight of surprise when it’s experienced.

Of course, this can do little to soften the sting when something does end, especially abruptly. Though very natural when living in a linear timeline (Arrivalplot theories excluded), endings don’t feel natural when you encounter them; it’s like your heart is synced with the harmony of a different song. That’s why the healthy emotional processing mentioned at the beginning issoimportantto prioritize.

Once you do that, starting over can be an incredible opportunity to claim the present moment…

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