Living In The Now

Be Inspired..!!

If you want to live an amazing life
A truly abundant, happy life
Make it a priority to LIVE more in the PRESENT MOMENT.
You don’t need fancy cars, you don’t need millions of dollars. 
You don’t need THINGS.

All you need is within you now.
All you need is this very moment, right NOW.
This precious PRESENT MOMENT
To be aware of all the miracles that are around you and indeed a PART of you, right now.

All unhappiness is formed when we take our being away from the present moment.
Stress, disappointment and anger when we think about events of our PAST that we have no control over right now.
Anxiety or worry when we think about the FUTURE, also of which we have no control over right now.
Most of us seem to be always searching for some place else, some better moment in the future.


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