Good Things Take Time

Come Enjoy This!!

Be Inspired..!!

You’ve never heard someone say they set out to be “average”, have you?We all want to be the best.We all want to offer the most popular products. We want the best show on the internet. We want to be the best player on the court. We want the most hits on YouTube. It’s all about being the best.

So, why do we want to be the best; but, not always apply ourselves?We want to be the best player, but skip out on practice? We want to sing the best song, but see no need to practice an extra hour? I would postulate that here is the crux: “Wanting” to be the best takes very little energy.“Working” to be the best is hard.It takes perspiration, extra time, time away from fun, time away from friends and family. It turns out….mediocrity is easy.The good things take…

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