Unplug From The Chaos

Be Inspired..!!

Disconnecting yourself is one of the keys to happiness. Life demands too much from us. Society doesn’t want us to be good at what we do, it wants us to be the best. What we have determines who we are. If we have a lot of money, a big house, a nice car, and an amazing body, we’re much more worthy. Society has very high expectations.

This is why we need to escape every once.Escaping for a while allows us to take that weight off our shoulders and slow down our pace. Nevertheless, the problem is that disconnecting yourself from everything can be hard.

All of society’s expectations are unrealistic and disproportionate. They’re the result of an increasingly consumerist and selfish society, where the only thing that seems to matter is our ability to produce. If we produce more, we’re worth more. In contrast, if we produce less, we’re…

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