The first I saw your face…


The first time I saw your face….

I found lonely road and Godless heart. I was seeking good death and I was a leftover life waiting for no-one and nothing. I was roaming Highway one on the California coastline in 1992. Finding the Hemingway road seeking good drink and the sea.

I went to Carmel, California and I sat alone by the sea and I drank my tequila straight and the watched the waves dance and move on the free beach. I have been play hide and seek for many years. I left friends and family 2500 miles away trying to find the place where life begin and ends. I got lucky. Kind God of life and death took me to the beautiful Pacific.

Pretty lady sat with me and she asked. “Do you remember me? I remember you. I was the girl crying and alone at the Seaside beach…

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