Rivulet Reverence (collab with audio)

Secret Thoughts Within

Original image found here on Pinterest

By Tom Alexander and Bree Leto

Duet spoken word by both Tom and Bree

Rivulets of rain rattle roughshod
across the rising valley
picking up the pace
pursuing the pulse

Following, I’m following
from here
to the heart of everything

I’m glowing golden
to glean your great wisdoms
They’re fighting to be freed
ferocious in your fevered flow

I marvel at the way you navigate the course
behold your beating, breathless, bubbling
Without control, such ceaseless movement;
A cosy comfort in kowtowing to your constant course

How humbling to be healed
by nature’s harmonious hubris
Earthly aromas erupting thickly in the air
The sooth of splashing sounds surrounds me;
the sweetest salve, settled by your side

Why would I ever wander wide?
I let my dreams drip off my dipping fingertips
sending them adrift across your surface
praying you will carry them duly

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