A first

Andrada Costoiu

by Andrada Costoiu

Have you ever felt the beginning in motion?
There is always a first.
The virginity of a heart
Of a body,
The innocence of believing.


No doubt we can’t avoid the danger,
And the erosion that ravish deeply through our beings.
No doubt.

But there is always a first.

Show me
Show me inside,
I want to meet the man that sings from non-existence,
His future joys, surprises, tragedies.

Let me,
Let me inside your soul full of holes,
And let the bond of fleeting moments fill it in.

Don’t you see?
There is always a first……
And this is our beginning. 


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Can I Tell You A Secret Love Poem About Intimacy

Along the Barren Road

Can I Tell You A Secret?A Love Poem About Intimacy If I tell you a secret can you keep it locked like jewels in a treasure chest buried beneath the "x" of your breast? If I tell you a secret can you keep it off your lips and not let it poison the passion of your kiss? Secrets are for lovers, but my secret uncovers the man behind the mask. Iron rusts, crumbles into dust, my shell becomes fragile glass. If I tell you a secret can you keep it private in your pocket, protected with loving care? If I strip before you, will you accept me naked and bare? If I tell you a secret will you leave it behind if you decide to walk out the door, put it in the drawer and promise not to speak of it anymore? If I tell you a secret can…

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What do we tell our daughters?

Smashing Single Parenthood

Mother’s Day 2021

As the sun sets on Mother’s Day 2021, the saddest of events in the UK has left me wresting with a pretty challenging maternal dilemma…

The death of Sarah Everard in London, murdered as she walked home from a friend’s house, strikes a terrifying chord with most women this week. And I am not only a woman in my own right, I am also a mum to two wonderful daughters. What advice do I give them that allows them to live their lives, freely, boldly and with adventure but also keeps them safe?

In a midweek call, my Eldest wants to talk running shoes. Let me re-phrase, she want to talk about me paying for running shoes!

You’ll be so proud of me mum! I am taking up running!

I am pleased, but one question, screaming in my head that I try so hard not…

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Relationships by numbers…

Smashing Single Parenthood

Sunday 6 June 2021

You hear some strange things on the radio in the middle of the night…

Somewhere between teacher assessed grades, mass testing and track n’ tracing, work stress has made the grim descent into insomnia. Although I invariably zonk out effectively enough in an exhausted heap; by around 2am I am awake again, tossing and turning fretfully in a fruitless quest to return to the illusive REM-cycle. When my mind is really racing, I switch the radio on, hoping for distraction, and this is where, a few nights ago…I discover the notion of numbers linked to social and workplace interaction. It is claimed that,

You can only maintain so many close friendships

The central name in the debate is evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar, best known for 150, his namesake ‘Dunbar’s number’. Dunbar claims that this is the number of ‘stable relationships ‘ we are able…

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Words of Wisdom from Kipling

DO NOT MISS LISTENING TO “IF” and reading Dwight’s post!!

Roth Poetry

We all want the best for our children. As father’s. we hope to impart some wisdom to them in hopes that they might avoid some of the things we had to face. This reading from Rudyard Kipling came across Facebook on Father’s day. I thought it was such a great capsule of wisdom, not just for sons and daughters, but for all of us. Keeping one’s head while all around us others are losing theirs is very hard to do. We saw that very clearly with the Capitol riots in DC after the last election.

“If” means self-control

Life’s challenges are many

Hurricanes still come

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