Raw Earth Ink

dark empty spaces
cold and alone
ancient radio waves and static
time is meaningless
out amongst the stars

moving, drawn forward
or is it backward
a satellite, a comet
orbiting far and wide
but always drawn to you

I keep my face ever towards you
shine on me
the only good thing I have
smallest touch of heat, light

I’m pulled in
the center of my universe
you don’t need me but
I sure as hell need you

the most perfect shining gem
I’ve ever seen
and I’ve seen a lot out here
countless lights to follow
I chose you

oh, how your gravity holds me
a willing, captive audience
here I am, orbiting you
ordinary space dust
wishing you would tug me
all the way inside your burning heart

I want to be made a part of you
not stay out here in the cold wastes
forever alone and

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